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64 Niche Winchester
72 Niche Antioch
80 Niche Canterbury
96 Niche Ely
96 Niche York
120 Niche Cross
144-Niche Ely
312-Niche Eclipse
Quarter Eclipsed True Radiused
The Obelisk
80-Niche Pedestal
Granite Colors

Eickhof Columbaria manufactures Pre-Assembled Columbaria for exterior garden locations.

These columbaria are completely assembled in one piece, shipped to your location on an Eickhof truck with two installers, and then set on your foundation with a crane. The Eickhof delivery and installation crew is there to make sure everything goes smoothly. We insure that the pre-assembled columbarium lifting straps are mounted correctly. We make sure that the columbarium is centered on, and sits level on, the foundation.

The pre-assembled columbaria are convenient and they require less planning and design work then custom columbaria. If required, they can also be easily moved in the future.

A preassembled columbarium being installed

Masonry Pier schematic

Single-Front Niches

All Eickhof Pre-assembled Columbaria utilize single niche fronts, (one front covers one niche).

Niche fronts are fastened with our concealed locking hardware. See key wrench in figure C. 

Columbarium Record Book

The Eickhof company provides an electronic file for recording the sale of niches.

The chart at right is an example layout for the 80-niche round Canterbury columbarium, (twenty niches in circumference, four niches high). This chart provides a simple way to identify the columbarium niche location.

Sample columbarium record book

A niche being shipped

Shipping Procedures

The Eickhof company offers inscription services for columbarium niche fronts.

We will provide shipping containers for ease in forwarding niche fronts to our facility for inscription. 

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