• Ely Ossuarium® with Sculpture in Inglewood, CA
  • East Dundee,IL, Durham Ossuarium, pre-assembled
  • Valley Forge, PA Durham Ossuarium, pre-assembled


The Ossuarium® Option:

On the surface the Ossuarium looks like one of our traditional Pre-Assembled columbarium models. In fact, it does have companion niches exactly like a traditional Pre-Assembled columbarium.

Ely Ossuarium™ with Sculpture in Inglewood, CA

Ely Ossuarium®

Satin Urn

What makes the Ossuarium different from a traditional columbarium is the presence of an above ground ossuary. Satin Urns* are deposited into the center core of the memorial, where they rest in the shared ossuary vault. Our Satin Urns come in a variety of fabrics. Embroidered inscriptions and emblems are available through Eickhof.


Satin Urn with Peacock Emblem

Satin Urn

*If desired, lower cost options are available from Eickhof. 


Memorial Band

Those who are put to rest inside the ossuary vault are memorialized by having their name, birth year, and death year inscribed on an Eickhof Memorial Band®.

Ely Ossuarium Memorial Band®

Memorial Band®


The Ossuary Vault

The Ossuary Vault is above ground. It is accessed through one or more of the upper columbarium niches. To see first hand how the ossuary is accessed see our YouTube video: Depositing The Satin Urn  In the future, when the ossuary is full, the access niche or niches can be sold as a traditional niche.


Ely Ossuarium Plan Diagram

Plan Illustration of an Ely Ossuarium