• Autumn leaves are scattered in the grass around a Durham Ossuarium.
  • A Durham Ossuarium adorned with Doves in Flight sculpture by Arlon Bayliss surrounded by autumn leaves.

Oaklawn Memorial Gardens Indianapolis, IN

Pre-Assembled Durham Ossuarium®
– Located in Indianapolis, IN
– Niche Fronts Finished in Sanded Bethel White Granite
– Memorial Band® Finished in Polished Bethel White Granite
– Heavy Base Finished in Bethel White Granite
– Thick Capstone Finished in Bethel White Granite
– 120 Companion Niches
– 405 Soft Urn™ Spaces
– 645 Total Urn Spaces

Completed in 2018

Sculpture Designed by Arlon Bayliss – Commissioned and Installed by Client