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Effortless Memorial Planning with Eickhof Columbaria

In the early stages, a columbarium project can seem daunting. We’re here to guide you as you navigate this new endeavor.

We’ve prepared everything you need to begin. Use our guide as the framework for your memorial project. As you move through each stage, you’ll find related articles and product information. We hope you find these resources helpful as you decide who your memorial partner will be.

Discover what you can expect throughout your project planning in the guide below.


First, you’ll need to build your team. They will speed up your project and give support. Include people who have skills or experience in:

  • construction, contracting, or engineering
  • fundraising or marketing
  • communication or leadership

Next, you’ll need to select a columbarium manufacturer who will be your partner and guide you through the project.


Once your team is in place look at the roles to the right. Are there any gaps?

If there are – you will want to consider whether you need additional services and expertise. Generally, the larger the project, the more likely you will want to involve an architect, a landscaper, or a contractor.

We are here to guide you at every stage.


Columbarium projects are much easier when you break them down into tasks.

  • consideration
  • design
  • management
  • fundraising
  • installation

We understand it’s hard to get started. That’s why we created the Discovery process to identify what is more important to you, where the strengths in your team lie, and what your next steps should be.


Even though every project is different, our experience has shown they all fit a general framework. Some tasks are dependent on finishing the previous task, but in other areas work can be done on multiple fronts at the same time.


Our approach, simplified as the 4D’s, makes your columbarium project much easier.

    We find out what is most important to you by diving deep with surprisingly simple questions!
    Watch your vision take shape and understand what separates the splendid from the mediocre! We will also share how factors in the design carry through to the management and perpetual care of your columbarium.
    The fun and easy part! With the understanding of what is really important to you and a strong design – your columbarium will be built, delivered, and installed by your trusted partner who has been there with you from the very beginning.
    We are here for you long after our installation team pulls away. Supporting you and the success of your columbarium with urns, inscriptions, and marketing help as you need it.

We’d love you help you transform your space!

Check out the interactive photo below to see an example.

move the slider up and down to compare this site before and after adding a memorial space

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Hit the ground running with hand-in-hand guidance from our project experts, pre-selling support through the production of compelling digital and printed visual aids, and vetted partner referrals for architects, landscaping firms, and structural engineers in your area. Select an Eickhof Engine Package to suit your budget, timeline, and desired features.