Tribute Obelisk™

We’ve fused the classic obelisk style and modern fabrication methods to create a monument that is timeless, reverent, and suitable for a variety of settings.

The Tribute Obelisk for Scattering Gardens

Capture more revenue from cremations by offering a scattering garden with meaningful memorialization at your natural burial preserve. The Tribute Obelisk caters to your eco-conscious clients and provides a permanent place of remembrance. Offer future generations a place to commemorate and honor loved ones and the gift of comfort along their bereavement journey. This classic and reverent monument has space to memorialize 595 individuals.


Say goodbye to stressing about inscriptions! Have peace of mind that your inscriptions will be uniform, correct, and hassle-free for generations with our inscription service.


The memorial panels of the Tribute Obelisk can only be removed with a specific tool, the Eickhof Key Wrench. You can rest assured that they are secure and virtually tamper-proof.


Our patented concealed locking hardware is user-friendly and makes removing a memorial panel for inscription or inurnment effortless for the stewards of the memorial.


Once removed, the memorial panel is placed in the provided reusable, secure, and protective shipping box. In the interim, the structure is protected by an aluminum closure panel.


You may use the shipping provider most convenient to you. Once received in-house, we guarantee a three-day turnaround on inscriptions for your memorial panel. Rush ordering is available.

8′ 6″ Tall and 4′ 1″ Wide at Base

Memorial Panels
Honed Mesabi Black Granite

Heavy Base
Rock Pitched Mesabi Black Granite

Total Inscription Spaces

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