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Who We Are

Eickhof Columbaria has spent over 25 years developing a better way to engineer, design, and fabricate columbaria. We have an attitude that fosters a company culture of constant improvement and that attitude, along with our experience is the reason we have columbaria across all 50 states, installed at churches, cemeteries, college and universities, retirement communities, homesteads, and Buddhist temples. Explore our wide portfolio of installations on our projects page.

With our columbaria installed all across the country, our product has been tested for years by being exposed to all different types of climates and weather. This has allowed us to make product improvements based on what we have learned from direct experience, providing our customers with a columbarium that is more beautiful, requires less future maintenance, and operates simply during in-urnment ceremonies.

It is believed that nationwide the cremation rate is over 50% and the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) predicts that by 2020 over 54%  of all Americans will choose cremation as the preferred choice of burial options. If you have ever considered installing a columbarium at your location, now is the time to act.

Our Team

Tom  DeBoer

Tom DeBoer

Industrial Designer

Paul  Eickhof

Paul Eickhof


Marie Jacobson Noyes

Marie Jacobson Noyes

Creative Director

Anders Macy

Anders Macy

Sales Professional

Stephen Noyes

Stephen Noyes

Marketing and Sales Manager

Fay Struthers

Fay Struthers

Senior Project Coordinator

Peter  Tollefson

Peter Tollefson

Shop Manager/ Industrial Engineer

AnnaMae Tollefson

AnnaMae Tollefson

Inscription Service Lead

David  Trousil

David Trousil

Senior Project Superintendent