• Exterior Pre-Assembled Ely Columbarium - Cemetery
  • Exterior Pre-Assembled York Ossuarium - Cemetery
  • Exterior Pre-Assembled Eclipse Columbarium - Cemetery
  • A columbarium sits on a concrete pad in a grassy area.
  • Exterior Pre-Assembled Ely Ossuarium - Cemetery
  • A pathway made of stone pads lead to an Antioch columbarium surrounded by flourishing plantings.

Pre-Assembled Models

Pre-Assembled Means Simplicity for You

Having an Eickhof Pre-Assembled columbarium or Ossuarium installed is convenient and easy. First, your memorial is made to order and fabricated in our manufacturing facility in northwestern Minnesota. Next, we deliver your columbarium to your location, anywhere in the continental United States.* Once on location, we carefully install your columbarium using a crane and crane operator (provided by you), allowing for minimal on-site construction. It is that simple.

*Delivery outside the continental United States requires an additional fee.

Customize Your Perfect Pre-Assembled Model

Our Pre-Assembled models come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be further customized to best fit your space and needs. Check out the options below.

96 Niche Ely Columbarium

144 Niche Ely Columbarium

Choose Your Niche Capacity & Height

The base model for each family is four niches tall. Each model can add one or two more rows. Increasing your columbarium’s height will allow for increased capacity within the same footprint, maximizing the use of your available space.

Sterling Ossuarium® with Standard Base and Capstone

Expand Your Volume with the Ossuarium®

Adding an ossuary, a common center vault, to your columbarium makes it an Ossuarium. The ossuary increases your total capacity. This provides an option for memorialization at a more affordable cost, which increases inclusivity to your community.

Winchester Columbarium with Heavy Base and Thick Capstone

Durham Ossuarium® with Heavy Base and Thick Capstone

Upgrade to a Heavy Base & Thick Capstone

Adding a heavy base creates a monumental presence. It also protects your columbarium’s base from the elements and landscape maintenance. A thick capstone is 6″ high and provides visual balance to the heavy base.

Explore our collection of Pre-Assembled families below!