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  • Exterior Pre-Assembled Durham Ossuarium - Cemetery

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  • Custom Interior Sculpted Wall Columbaria - Church

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  • Lowell, MA, Custom Ext Cemetery Curved Wall 2

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  • Lakewood Cemetery Mausoleum Custom Interior Wall Columbarium

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  • Custom Exterior Freestanding Wall Columbarium - Church

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  • Los Angeles, CA - Interior Church Custom Wall Columbaria

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  • Exterior Custom Wall Columbarium - Church

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  • How is Eickhof different?
    • Engineering. Our patented concealed locking hardware is secure, easy to use, and provides unlimited flexibility.
    • Focus. We only design and build high quality columbarium & ossuarium memorials.
    • Service. We not only assist you in every step of installing a columbarium, we are there years after our installation team leaves.
  • Why Choose a Pre-Assembled Model?

    An Eickhof Pre-Assembled model is by far the easiest and most efficient way for you to get a columbarium. With a wide variety of pre-set designs they are easy to imagine in your space. They are delivered all in one piece with no on-site columbarium construction required. A catalog of these options is available with pricing upon request – allowing you to pick a model that best fits your budget. There are many custom options to tailor the model that is right for you, including our Ossuarium option.

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  • What is the Ossuarium option?

    All of our Pre-Assembled models have the option to add an internal ossuary. Satin Urns are deposited into the center core of the memorial, where they rest in the shared ossuary vault. Those who are put to rest inside the ossuary vault are memorialized by having their name, birth year, and death year inscribed on an Eickhof Memorial Band®. This gives our customers multiple options with multiple price points, while adding many more urn spaces – all in the same small footprint.

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Eickhof Makes
Clients Happy

  • The pastoral possibilities have become clearer to us since the columbarium was installed. Being able to go directly to the niche at the end of a memorial service and conclude the service there, completes that portion of the act of remembrance for the family in a way that is quite holy.

    The Very Reverend Scott E. Richardson, Dean
    St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral - San Diego, CA

  • Our columbarium is in place. Very impressed with the quality and professionalism of both the product and your installation crew. I would also like to thank both of you for your assistance on this project; again, high quality and professional service. You have a very happy customer in Marquette.

    Paul Albert, City Sexton
    Marquette Cemetery - Marquette, MI

  • Paul spent time with us. At every step of the way, he was helpful, patient and thorough. Needless to say, Christ Presbyterian Church is pleased with the work of the Eickhof company.

    Dan Bowles
    Christ Presbyterian Church - Edina, MN

  • I wanted to commend your staff on their professionalism and people skills while on-site. They were knowledgeable and willing to answer questions while they worked. The install went smoothly and all three units were lowered within two hours. Your crew even posed for some pictures requested by one of the committee members. I am pleased with the quality and smooth installation effort. You clearly have a superior product and I’m happy our client chose Eickhof. Kudos to your entire staff on a job well done!

    Paul Kangas, Principal Landscape Architect
    St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery - New Brighton, MN

  • Thank you! The installation went well and the project is beautiful. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how professional and nice both Dave and Terry are. They are extremely hard workers and put in 14 plus hour days in the Central Valley heat to ensure the project was installed in a timely fashion. You should be extremely proud of them. They are excellent representatives of Eickhof.

    Anna M. Herrera, Manager
    Clovis Cemetery - Clovis, CA

  • Pictures don’t do the columbarium justice. I’ve had so many compliments that it’s hard to keep track. I have to admit that the ceremony brought me to tears. We had a parishioner from another parish attend our dedication ceremony as his parish is discussing a columbarium. Needless to say, I spouted the benefits, advantages, and service that Eickhof provides from the beginning to the end. Every time I pass by our memorial garden, I ask God to bless the Eickhof company and everyone who works there. You have extremely happy customers in Roanoke Rapids.

    Cecelia Tuders
    St John the Baptist Church - Roanoke Rapids, NC

  • Eickhof was great to work with. We had a three-year process of completing the columbarium. Many questions, many calls, and always helpful, compassionate replies. Then topped off with two gentlemen that came to install it. Again, thoughtful and fun to watch them put it in. Answered many questions and always patient and clear statements.

    Mark Aamot
    St. John’s Lutheran Church - Brookfield, WI

  • Even though your letter thanks us for allowing you to do our columbarium, let me be the one to say thank you to you for the gift of our columbarium. It is truly beautiful and a work of art. More than that though our design seemingly draws one into the embrace of God. It's like two arms encompassing and comforting those who mourn. It indeed feels like holy ground. It far exceeds my expectations. So, thank you very much. Your artisans were challenged in any number of ways while they were with us, but remained professional and steadfast in their work.

    Fr. Robert Salamone, Rector
    Emmanuel Episcopal Church - Athens, GA

  • Eickhof has given us a columbarium that reflects the dignity and respect a parishioner would expect for their loved ones. Beautiful product that our community feels fits our cathedral perfectly.

    Scott Barron
    Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Knoxville, TN

  • We have been delighted with our experience with Eickhof. In addition to being an organization of highly skilled individuals, we have been tremendously impressed with your communication, your patience, and your responsiveness. You stepped up immediately when we had a problem with our granite. Our project manager was so impressed with the painstaking detail you gave to every aspect of the project. We are going to have a gorgeous columbarium, and Eickhof is one of the major reasons why. Thank you!

    Sara Boatman, Columbarium Administrator
    St. Mark's United Methodist Church - Lincoln, NE

  • I wanted to let you know what a great job your team did this week. Not only were Jesse and Blair a pleasure to work with, but their craftsmanship was also excellent and their attitude was outstanding. As you might expect we encountered a number of issues during the installation (some of which we created) and they addressed them with skill and professionalism. They worked through hours and hours of rain without complaining and they didn't let the weather impact the quality of their work. As a member of the Building Committee, I have been St. Mary's representative on a multitude of projects and your guys are the best team I have had the pleasure to work with.

    Gary Stanley, Building Committee
    St. Mary Help of Christians - Aiken, SC

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