What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is an above-ground dignified structure containing cremains in urns. 

The term “columbarium” comes from the Latin “columba,” meaning dove because columbaria have niches to hold urns, resembling those in dovecotes, or dove houses.

Columbaria (plural) have been used since ancient times to provide an elegant final resting place for the cremation remains of loved ones.

Today, cremation far outpaces traditional burial as the preferred final disposition option. The costs and considerations associated with conventional funerals greatly surpass those associated with cremation and inurnment into a permanent resting place, such as a columbarium.

Sadly, in many locations where dignified columbariums are not present loved ones face the peril of deciding whether to bury cremated remains in a cemetery plot (or atop the grave of a parent or ancestor) or hold on to them until a better decision is reached. Often, this decision is delayed, unfortunately leading to the urn being shelved in a closet or forgotten.

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