There are many options for creamation urns. While our columbaria may accomodate other urn styles, for both space and economic concerns we suggest to our customers the use of a sheet bronze urn. Two of these urns, which are 5.5" x 5.5" x 7" each, will fit into either of our standard niche sizes. Our 8"x8" niches require the use of urns of this size. 

Sheet Bronze Urns

Order Sheet Bronze Urns here ---> 

Eickhof Columbaria offers sheet bronze urns for a modest price. Two of these urns will fit into any of our standard niche sizes. 


Pre-Assembled Columbaria 

All Eickhof columbaria niches are companion niches, meaning two urns will fit in each niche. However, urns come in all shapes and sizes. Please follow the link below to see how the two most common urn sizes are compatible with our Pre-Assembled Columbaria.  

Satin Urns

Developed exclusively for our Ossuarium® models, our Satin Urns are made from high quality fabric, all lined with plush satin. They offer unique opportunities for customization and allow for a wider range of options for your customers' memorialization choices.