• Two benches made of rough cut stone sit on either side of a Winchester columbarium.
  • Large lush trees shade three Winchester columbaria in a cemetery.
  • A Winchester columbarium sits in the foreground with two Winchester columbaria behind it adorned with multiple flower pots.
  • A full cemetery lies behind three Winchester columbaria adorned with various plants and stone benches.
  • A Winchester columbarium with multiple inscriptions sits at the center of a pad of pavers.

Lakeside Cemetery Hastings, MN

Phase I – Pre-Assembled Winchester Columbarium
– Finished in Mahogany Granite
– 64 Companion Niches
– 128 Total Urn Spaces
– Completed in 2004

Phase II – Two Pre-Assembled Winchester Columbaria
– Finished in Mahogany Granite
– 64 Companion Niches Each
– 128 Total Urn Spaces Each
– Completed in 2016

“Construction quality continues to improve. We are happy to recommend Eickhof.”

Richard Manke