• 72 Niche Pre-Assembled Antioch Columbarium - Church


Antioch Family

72 | 90 | 108 Companion Niches

4′-8″ Diameter

All standard Pre-Assembled models have a 3” rock pitched capstone and 9” flat base trim.

Drawings above are proportional to scale.

Urn Sizes

The Antioch utilizes up to two sheet bronze urns for companion niches. For single occupant niches, one sheet bronze urn or one vase style urn may be used. 
Sheet Bronze Urn
5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 7″
Vase Style Urn*
10” tall x 6” diameter
*Vase style urn for single occupancy niches only in the Antioch columbarium
To learn more and to compare how our Pre-Assembled models accommodate urns, click here to view our chart