The Eickhof Difference

If you do decide to embark on a columbarium memorial project, you will want to select a company that has the ability to fabricate and install a columbarium that meets your design criteria. With over 1,000 columbarium installations nationwide, including installations in Hawaii and Alaska, Eickhof Columbaria has a proven product. If your columbarium plan includes additional future phases, which most of them do, you will want to choose a company that will be here to service your future columbarium needs. Eickhof Columbaria, with 30 years in only one business, and that business being fabricating and installing columbaria, has proven its commitment to the columbarium customer.

Engineered to Stand the Test of Time

A columbarium is a long term investment. It is important that a columbarium keeps its good looks, and that it is engineered to perform for many decades into the future. Unlike many other products, a columbarium cannot be traded in for a new one, or be easily replaced because of sub-standard performance. To insure that the Eickhof columbarium product is engineered to stand the test of time, Eickhof Columbaria, in addition to 25 years of hands on experience fabricating and installing columbaria, has completed extensive product testing. This testing has been completed by Eickhof Columbaria and by independent testing laboratories. We make sure that Eickhof columbarium component parts are engineered to have the strength and longevity necessary to do the job required for decades into the future. When evaluating a columbarium company, remember that the Eickhof concealed hardware, in conjunction with Eickhof Columbaria’s unique thin wall columbarium fabrication method, allows unlimited columbarium design configurations.

Existing Interior or Exterior Wall for Columbarium

If you have an existing interior or exterior wall that is appropriate for a columbarium, you may want to design a custom built columbarium. A custom built columbarium can be designed so that it blends with, and is appropriate for, the existing architecture of your space. In addition to granite as a finish material for your columbarium, Eickhof Columbaria can provide wood, bronze, slate, limestone, marble, aluminum, or just about any other appropriate finish material. In addition to columbaria mounted to existing walls, the Eickhof niche fabrication method creates a structural niche cabinet. This allows for free standing columbarium walls without the need for structural supports or backup walls. Free standing columbaria can be single sided or double sided. In addition to straight walls, Eickhof free standing columbaria can be curved, circular, or semi-circular. Eickhof Columbaria also fabricates double sided columbaria having niches that are placed back to back. The back to back niches share the same foundation and the same cap stone. Because the columbaria are designed in a back to back configuration, they are space efficient, and by sharing the same foundation and capstone, they are very cost effective. Sometimes on free standing single sided columbaria, the back side of the columbarium niches are finished in materials other than granite. Most often this material is masonry (brick, rubble stone, etc). Eickhof Columbaria can equip its columbarium cabinets with masonry ties and steel lintels to fasten and support the masonry as an integral part of the Eickhof columbarium niche structure. This provides columbarium installations free from the additional cost and space required for separate masonry backup walls. Without masonry backup walls, the thinner columbarium wall is more esthetically pleasing and requires less foundation materials. The capstone can also be designed with less width. It is surprising how many columbarium garden areas that have space constraints will benefit from the additional inches gained by eliminating unnecessary masonry back up walls.

Professional Columbaria Installation

Eickhof Columbaria has professional installation crews that install the Eickhof columbarium product. This means that the columbarium is installed correctly, using the right tools. This insures that you not only obtain the best quality columbarium, but more importantly, if a future problem does arise, you know whom to contact to assist in making any necessary corrections. When practical, prior to delivery to the job site, Eickhof Columbaria prefers to assemble as much of the columbarium as possible in our manufacturing facility. This allows us to assemble the columbarium free from inclement weather and under controlled conditions. This gives the customer a higher quality product and gives us an opportunity to survey and examine all stone components. This insures that the stone color is within industry standards and that the stone is cut to the correct dimensions and is free from defects.

Manufacture Pre-Assembled Columbaria

Eickhof Columbaria also manufactures pre-assembled columbaria for exterior garden locations. These columbaria are completely assembled in one piece, shipped to your location on an Eickhof truck with two installers, and then set on your foundation with a crane. The Eickhof delivery and installation crew is there to make sure everything goes smoothly. We insure that the pre-assembled columbarium lifting straps are mounted correctly. We make sure that the columbarium is centered on, and sits level on, the foundation. The pre-assembled columbaria are convenient and they require less planning and design work then custom columbaria. If required, they can also be easily moved in the future.